Medical Students – Keith Nokes, MD MPH – Director of Medical Student Education
If you are interested in spending time with us during a student rotation, please email us for more information. Medical student slots are popular so it is advisable to contact us as soon as possible. It is not necessary to complete a medical student clerkship here in order to be considered for our residency.

Faculty Development Fellowship – Tony Valdini MD – Faculty Development Fellowship Director/Research Director
The Faculty Development Fellowship consists of three segments: clinical, teaching and research. The fellow sees patients in a community health center and hospital, precepts residents and medical students and participates in classroom and bedside teaching. With an advisor, s/he plans, implements and writes a research project. This fellowship should be attractive to those considering an academic career, especially in the inner city. To learn more about the Faculty Development Fellowship click here

H.I.P. Fellowship – Jeff Geller MD – HIP Fellowship Director
The Lawrence Family Medicine H.I.P fellowship trains family physicians to practice integrative medicine in an underserved setting. We aim to create a larger community of physicians offering integrative medicine in our area and world wide. To learn more about the HIP fellowship click here.